ANTIDOTE, our 2021/22 summer/autumn show, is closed.

Between shows we are open by appointment, although the permanent collection is open to guests as part of their stay.

We are thrilled to announce that our 2022 artist in residence is Sam Duckor-Jones, and are busy planning our 2022/23 show.


Poison Creek Sculpture Project

Welcome to our evolving sculpture adventure in stunning Central Otago.

Nestled in the northern foothills of the Pisa Range, the Poison Creek Sculpture Project celebrates and supports Aotearoa New Zealand's finest sculptors and rising stars. 

You can stay in our simple but elegant secluded accommodation, arrange a visit by appointment or join us during our summer/autumn open days. We encourage you to roam, discover and enjoy the sculpture in this dramatic landscape. Who knows, you may fall in love and take one home! 

Our artists in residence programme allows us to host artists on site and give them the chance to connect with the natural world, and gain new perspectives and inspiration. 

Sculpture and other arts activities

Drystone walling workshops: These were the first events we ran to foster curiosity about and enthusiasm for sculpture.

In 2021 participants created a setting for a sculpture by Andrew Drummond, one of Aotearoa New Zealand's most eminent sculptors. You can learn more about Andrew's work here

The Sniper's Prayer (Stephen Mulqueen 2015), one of our major works, includes a wall contstructed during the 2019 drystone wall workshop. We acknowledge Stephen's family for their generous loan of this work for all to enjoy. 

No further drystone wall workshops are planned at present. 



In 2020 it was never more necessary to defy circumstances and purposefully create a different reality. With this in mind we created a group show, Defiance, and opened for discovery in Summer 2021, showing sculpture in the middle of nowhere while a global pandemic raged. You responded with amazing positivity to our impromptu (well, as impromptu as you can be when moving heavy sculpture around) first public open days. For Summer until Easter 2022 we share our personal Antidote to the continuing pandemic reality, which is to imagine freely and act with purpose from an open heart.