We exhibit sculpture to enjoy in a stunning hill country setting, or to re-home.

Enjoy sculpture with our ever evolving programme in a stunning hill country location. You may fall in love with a sculpture and offer it a new home. Whether for our growing permanent collection, or for re-homing, our focus is on Aotearoa New Zealand's best sculptors and rising stars. 


Banner image: Stephen Mulqueen, Sniper's Prayer. Steel, Lindis Valley schist, 2015. NFS 

Other example works shown rows top to bottom, left to right

Gill Gatfield: The Snake Charmer. Black granite, native planting, concrete, lime, unique site specific installation, 2012-2024. NFS

Gill Gatfield: Model X. Te Waipounamu NZ stone, Italian granite, 2018. Ed/10, AVAILABLE

Gill Gatfield: Siren. Tempered glass, ink. 2021, 6/10 SOLD, 7 of edition of 10 is next AVAILABLE 

Steuart Welch: Deliberation. Corten steel, unique, 2022. SOLD

Tanya Ashken: Kōtuku. Cast bronze, original in kauri, 1965. NFS. AVAILABLE in aluminium as Silver Kōtuku

Terry Stringer: Temple of poetry. Bronze, 2010. NFS 

Andrew Drummond: Hanging form with return vent. Glass, copper, brass, wax, sphagnum moss, pigment, 1994. NFS 

Richard Mathieson: 42 steps. Cast bronze, 2006. Exhibited 2021-23. AVAILABLE

Pamela McKelvey: Salvus. Bluestone, brass, 2016. NFS

Tanya Ashken: Aphrodite. Cast bronze, brown patina, 1994; original in Carrara marble, 1967. NFS. AVAILABLE in cast bronze, green patina, as Eros 

Morgan Jones: Transit. Welded steel, automotive paint 2020. Exhibited 2023. AVAILABLE

Anna Korver: Lifeboat. Italian marble, stainless steel, 2020. NFS